DeBeers Namibia published a tender for the supply and installation of a weather monitoring system at the Oranjemund Airport. CTS was awarded the tender based on price, knowledge of the meteorological measuring equipment as well as quality of products. At time of installation the station was the most advanced aviation weather station in Namibia.

Technical Details of the system installed:

  • Ceilometer at end of runway 20 to measure cloud height at three levels up to 7,500m
  • Runway Visibility and Present Weather sensor at stop end of runway 20.
  • Present weather sensor monitors 7 different types of precipitation
  • visibility sensor takes background luminescence into account
  • Wind speed and direction a touchdown runway 20.
  • Wind speed and direction, rain as well as barometric pressure at stop end runway 20
  • AviMet server for processing of all data
  • 3 workstations spread along the buildings for weather monitoring and supervision purposes
  • ATIS voice system transmitting on aviation frequency as well as telephone dial in the current weather conditions

All communication between the equipment and the AviMet server is based on wireless transmission to reduce cabling costs.

The weather information can be picked up rough 100 NM away from the airport by all approaching aircraft.



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