The world’s most accurate power analyser to even detect the smallest of glitches in your electrical network. With up to1024 samples/cycle (competition only 64 samples/cycle) on 16 ADC channels, the Elspec power analyser is superior to any other power analyser on the market, logging all important parameters at the same time as well as able to store all captured data for more than 1 year. No configuration is required to select what parameters to monitor, the power analysers logs and stores all….

Portable or fixed units are available for continuous network monitoring. With state of the art data compression techniques, data transmission costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

With time synchronisation features, faults can be analysed across the entire network with ease, even if analyser are installed hundreds of kilometres apart.

With easy interface to most SCADA systems, integration into existing network management tools is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Power Utilities

Large Energy Consumers

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