As the official reseller of all Phoenix Contact products in Namibia, we do have access to more than 65,000 single product items.

The Clipline range features all sizes and types of terminal connection technology. Spring cage cable connection or screw cable connection, 0.1 sqmm to 120 sqmm, we have the solution for your wiring connection. Furthermore the Phoenix Contact marking system for terminal, conductors and device marking is also available.

The Pluscon range of field cabling caters for all inter-equipment wiring in your factory with various IP ratings and current carrying capacities for signals, data as well as power applications.

The Combicon range caters for PCB based connection technology in the industrial field.

The Trabtech range combines the best of technologies in the surge protection and lightning protection industry. Be it for AC power lines, DC applications (typically photovoltaic grid feed systems) or signal lines, Trabtech is the solution for you. With its range of uninterruptable power supplies, EMC solutions as well as monitoring solutions, the answerer to a complete solution is at your hands.

The Interface range caters for all types of signal conversion technologies, temperature to mA transducer, mA loop splitter, relays, power supplies and many more. We can supply the solution to your interface requirement.

The Automation range completes the production line of Phoenix Contact by adding state of the art PLCs, HMI units, industrial PCs to automate your plant with ease.

We keep stock of power supplies, relays, terminals, various marking technologies, liquid level relays and phase failure devices to name a few.


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