Water is precious. The water industry provides drinking water, as well as waste water. Careful monitoring is required.

CTS has access to products covering a wide range of metering devices for flow, level, pressure, water quality, density and turbidity, and even devices and software for detection, transfer, recording and evaluation of data.

Our full range of electromagnetic-, mass-, and ultrasonic flow meters, are available in compact or separate version, wafer or flanged mounting, with a wide range of options for electrodes and lining materials. GPRS, HART, Profibus and Modbus available, as well as battery operated systems.

For portable or fixed installations Nivus, made in Germany, is the answer for your short- or long term measurement. Be it in open channels, larger pipe diameters or river levels accurate measurement is possible.

Some of our Projects

  • Leasing of Nivus portable flow measurement unit for a survey of sewerage capacity in Katutura area.


Water and Waste Water

Food and Beverage