• 2015

CTS was instructed to supply, deliver, install, test and commission laundry equipment for Lady Pohamba Private Hospital in 2015. Situated in Windhoek’s Kleine Kuppe area, this new and stunning 134-bed hospital caters for a wide variety of patients.

When it comes to Hospital textiles, cleanliness and perfect hygiene is of the essence. The challenge is to safely wash large quantities of used and soiled fabrics, while ensuring consistent, hygienic cleaning, maximum longevity and shortened wash times. As Namibia is facing a water crisis, special attention needs to be given to using as little water as possible. Our solution was Miele.

Miele offers a wide range of machines with cutting edge technology and specialized wash programs. With their patented stainless steel Honeycomb Drum, the specially designed drum ribs allow the water to saturate the laundry very quickly, reducing washing times. The high spin speeds with a G-factor of up to 500 make for optimum water extraction. There are also connections for detergent dispensers, ensuring that the same amount of detergent is used for each wash. A water recovery unit saves up to 30% of the water consumption. The tumble dryers are equipped with a heat-pump system, with results in a reduction of 60% of energy consumption.

Thanks to the residual moisture level of approximately 50% achieved by Miele’s washer-extractors, bed linen does not need to be dried any further before it is fed into a rotary ironer with a high heat output. Miele’s technology guarantees economy and quality, and actively contribute towards protecting our health and environment.